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A System for Creating Pandiatonic Music

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Written with the instrumental music education major in mind, "A Straightforward Approach to Sight Singing" is the perfect text for students with very little (if any) singing background.  The book, including many duets and excerpts with accompaniment, features a wide range of styles and genres composed specifically to demonstrate the theoretical concept or musical skill to be learned.  The first three sections primarily use instrumentally familiar time signatures, key signatures, clefs, and a vocal range designed for untrained and secondary voices.  The fourth and final section focuses on advanced pitch and rhythm featuring multiple modulations, singing atonal melodies, alto and tenor clef, irregular divisions of the beat, and asymmetrical meters.

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A Straight Forward Approach to Music Theory

Dr. Douglas Gordon and Dr. James Woodward release their first music theory textbook.   This clear and straight forward text has presented the basics like never before with the goal of retaining all incoming freshmen regardless of prior music theory background or knowledge.

A System for Creating Pandiatonic Music

Associate Professor of Music Theory and Composition at Jacksonville State University

Dr. James Charles Woodward​