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What began as an experiment spiraled into a destination for many people who seek help with their ear training and aural skills.  While still fairly modest, Aural Skills Guru is viewed around 20,000 times per month featuring videos to help with melodic dictation, harmonic dictation, intervals, and even tempo and aurally recognizing mistakes.  

The channel is always adapting and featuring new videos.  Check it out here:

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Written with the instrumental music education major in mind, A Straightforward Approach to Sight Singing is the perfect text for students with very little (if any) singing background.  The book, including many duets and excerpts with accompaniment, features a wide range of styles and genres composed specifically to demonstrate the theoretical concept or musical skill to be learned.  The first three sections primarily use instrumentally familiar time signatures, key signatures, clefs, and a vocal range designed for untrained and secondary voices.  The fourth and final section focuses on advanced pitch and rhythm featuring multiple modulations, singing atonal melodies, alto and tenor clef, irregular divisions of the beat, and asymmetrical meters.  ($25 plus $5 shipping)

Dr. James Charles Woodward​